Soul Blueprint Readings

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a body of knowledge brought forth in the 1980’s that combines many “new age” fields of study, from the Kabbalah, I’Ching, the chakra system, quantum physics, genetics, astrology and biochemistry. It is a tool for self acceptance, self empowerment, and self alignment! To be able to simply say, “I am designed this way!” and understand why you feel and think the way you do, is bliss. 

What do you get from a reading?

Self acceptance. Self empowerment. Self awareness. There is not much I can tell you that you do not intrinsically know!

That said, through working with me, we can define: 

  • A strategy to notice and work with as you are walking through life.
  • Ability to notice what are your feelings and what are conditioned onto you by other people.  
  • Awareness of the energy centers in your body and how they interact with other auric fields.
  • The knowledge of the proper place in your body to be making your decisions. (Hint: rationalizing your choices in your ~brain~ ALWAYS seems to get you into trouble! Me too!)

 I also will go deep into finer points of your specific gifts that you carry in your energy channels, as well as your specific manifestation style, your proper environment, and even the way you should be eating to digest the best! We have two hours of material to cover in what is essentially a crash course in YOUR human design! During and after the read, you will get a slideshow to keep as a way to be able to review what we discuss for as long as you need it!

Booking Information

All readings have a $25 booking fee that is due at the time of scheduling. This is refundable up to 7 days before the booking if you change your mind. Within 7 days, the fee is non refundable but I will send you a basic slide show with the information we would have reviewed for you to keep and delve into on your own.

If you would like to book a reading with me, reach out either through my “Contact” page or through my Facebook page!

Soul Blueprint Reading – $111

2.5-3 Hour Consultation reviewing your chart in depth! I NEED specific Date, Time, and Location of your birth for this to be accurate! Virtual Meeting through Facebook or Google Meets. You will get a 20+ page slide show of all the material to keep! 

Couples Reading – $175

3-3.5 Hour Consultation reviewing yours and your partner’s charts in depth! I NEED specific Date, Time, and Location of your birth for this to be accurate! Virtual Meeting through Facebook or Google Meets. You will get a 30+ page slide show of all the material to keep, as well as a custom chart outlining the exact energy exchange between you and your partner!

Quick Glance – $10

Have someone you want a custom chart with your energy exchange but you don’t need the deeper details of their diet, strategy, etc? I can add as many people as you’d like for these and we will spend time delving into the flow of energy between you two. Great for children, parents, siblings, significant others, mentors/mentees, co-workers, and best friends! 

Kids/Family Dynamics Reading –
$75 (repeat customers only!) 

1.5-2 hour consultation breaking down your child’s design as well as strategies to allow them to be their fully authentic self, and support their growth as they discover themselves. Let’s help our kids shine a little brighter in their own unique ways! Add $25 for each additional child added to the session. 

Mini Soul Blueprint Reading – $40

30 Minute meeting for those with tight schedules who just want a taste! I NEED specific Date, Time, and Location of your birth for this to be accurate! You will get a typed copy of everything we cover and we will discuss your Strategy, Authority, Nine body centers, as well as your unique manifestation style! If you book a mini reading and go on to order a full reading, you will get 20% off your full reading price!

Special Promotions!! 

Gift Reads – $95
(Repeat customers only!) 

2.5-3 hour consultation breaking down your loved one’s design for them as well as strategies to allow them to be their fully authentic self. This is great for anniversaries, birthdays, and any other milestone you would want to give this information of self empowerment to them! 

Referrals – (repeat customers only!) 

If you help put my name out there to friends and family, have them name drop you! For every 8 referrals you give, I will credit you with one full Soul Blueprint Read to gift to anyone of your choosing! I appreciate you as you support me on my journey of helping empower people to be themselves! 

Alternative Payment Options 

Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay all $111 in a lump sum up front, but really feel called to start your journey to self discovery, I am offering space for payment plans every month! There is a $25 booking fee for ALL of my readings that is refundable up to 7 days before the reading. At the reading, the next $25 will be due. From there, we will sign a contract agreeing to pay the remaining $50 in the next 2, 4 or 6 months. (Limit of 2 per month) 

“Pay what you can!” 

If you are in the position where $111 is truly unattainable, I don’t want you to be discouraged from contacting me! I believe strongly that some people are drawn to others for a reason, and I want to be open to service of spirit and work to insure that this information is accessible to everyone, no matter their status and income. If all you can afford is $20, GET IN TOUCH! LET’S CHAT! I would love to help you get onto the best path for yourself, and be a bridge to truly feeling aligned. (Limit 1 per month) 

Energy Worker Network/Exchange

If YOU are an energy worker of another variety, but want to participate in an exchange with me, I am open to expanding my professional network! I would LOVE to read your chart, and then in exchange have you do your work for me. With this exchange, this is a safe space for feedback and growth, as well as sounding board support for future ideas and endeavors! The more tight knit our community is the more we can help each other lift people up and help them in the long run! I am looking forward to chatting with you and booking something, for the BOTH of us! 

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