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Waterfall Magick

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Hello! Thank you for inviting me into your time! I love meeting new people and having strange conversations about weird topics. I LOVE helping people to discover, or connect deeper, with their spiritual selves.

I am a Human Design 3/6 “Mental Projector” and am designed to be best suited for 1:1 situations rather than large crowds. For a long time this left me feeling like I was an introvert, but I now realize that I am incredibly extroverted, I just need to protect the way I utilize my energy, as my sacral loves to tap into all kinds of free floating energy, and claim it as my own, and really burn out. I am learning to take it easier and work within my energy to meet and help as many people as I can.

Doing Human Design readings has been a great way for me to fulfill my strong urge to get to know people, and my deep sense for nurturing and acceptance for others just as they are. I am not looking to change anyone, only to help them make the choices and decisions that feel best for themselves.

Outside human design, I am a mother of two and married to an incredibly supportive partner. I am a plant lover. I am a homesteader who is venturing into raising quail for meat and eggs currently. I am a life long artist and love to create when the muse says it is time. I have four cats and a parakeet. Last summer, our family set a goal to ride over 100 miles on our bikes, and accomplished it! I love to be by the ocean to the point where I bought a house within 5 miles of three beaches. I am taking classes for sustainable agriculture so that I can make a positive impact on our environment to leave to my children and children’s children.

I look forward to connecting with you and getting to discover who YOU are!

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